The definition of beauty …

Beauty and functionality are the values appreciated literally all over the world. This is what consumers in the 21st century are looking for. Art Metal brand products are the answer to those needs. Almost each country has some signature products, which represents its nature. In terms of our country there is more than just one… Read more »

Art Metal at the Kamienica Theater in Warsaw

Polish industrial design is already known around the world in many sectors; from elegant shoe designs, to cars or interiors. We know how to carve in wood and steel, our ceramics and glassware are well valued. The ability to tame even the toughest materials and alloys, as well as the artistry in making of it… Read more »

Merry Christmas

Best wishes for Christmas and all the best in the New Year


stylish aluminum pole KM (cast base and flute pipe), internal steel structure umbrella construction – aluminum profile covering – awning material, SUNVAS 31037 polyester


stylish aluminum pole, WDRWS1 column modification! on the basis of an individual customer project (cast base and head), internal steel structure K1 Orion luminaire unusual colors – RAL5023 and ART METAL 06

New street lighting

We have created modern lighting designed to illuminate urban streets and highways. Features: height from 5 [m] to 10 [m], LED luminaries, modern shape.


To meet customers’ requests for interior lighting we introduce our new group of products – CHANDELIERS. They are dedicated for big interior areas such as churches, palaces, castles, courts or banquet halls.

Garden & park lanterns

Summer season encourages to spend more time outside. We invite to check our latest addition to garden and park lanterns.  

Pole W – modification

Only few steps are enough to make a stylish lantern an attraction for a theme park or playground.  

Candelabras – interior lighting

The latest addition to our range is the exclusive candelabra, which successfully function as a unique internal lighting. Aluminum casts made with the utmost attention to detail are connected with unusual candles. Their character makes them perfectly suited to illuminate the exceptional interior mansion, churches and other religious buildings, castles and museums, giving them a… Read more »

27 Synchro LED street luminary

Meeting the market expactations for LED lighting, Art Metal company introduces the new product. We always follow the rule of two functions. First of all, perfectly lighten the darkness, by making a warm, nice and safe climate. Secondly, grace during the day and thereby emphasize the beautiful surroundings. Those two tasks are perfectly synchronized by… Read more »

LED source luminaries

We invite to check our offer of stylish classical and modern luminaries with LED source of light.

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