Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Zielona Góra

Zielona Góra is a city with a long history period, even due to minor war damages the entire pre-war town buildings remained here untouched. The Old Town and private villas have special aesthetic qualities. There are also many buildings with a unique architecture that where lighted with the use of stylish lanterns A1A / 01G,… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Żary

Żary is known as tourist town. You can find there numerous monuments. The town hall area and park were revitalized. The city was lighted with the use of stylish outdoor lighting available in our product catalog: stylish lanterns (ST3 / 03G) and ST3 / 110. In addition the city is decorated with masts (M2) available… Read more »

Hotel Krønasår – Germany

The hotel is located near the “Europa Park” one of largest theme parks and in the vicinity of the “Rulantica” the new water world of Europa-Park. Hotel Kronasar was designed in the style of a natural history museum and was lighted with stylish lanterns (A1B / 01L) and A2B / 01B (Vera luminaire). Additionally in… Read more »

Hotel Bell Rock – Germany

Europa Park based in Germany is one of our regular customers for many years. The Bell Rock hotel and its surroundings are one of many places in the theme park where our products were used. Among them are park lanterns MC4, MC3, TR3, D8, T4 boards (in various sizes, adapted to customer requirements), K3 bins… Read more »

Europa-Park – Germany

Europa-Park is the largest amusement park in Germany and the second largest in Europe. It’s also one of our regular customer. Inside the park you can find stylish lanterns A5A/01, A1B/01B, A2B/01B with 01 VERA luminaries, high street lamps WK8/04, WK9/04 with 04 ARIES luminaries, street and park lanterns MC3, MC4 with G02 MARS luminaries… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Chojnice (Poland)

Chojnice is a town located near Gdansk city. The A5A / 01 style lanterns visible on the film fit perfectly into the medieval and neo-gothic architecture of the city. High poles K with 06 Andromeda luminary, like the royal crowns illuminates the town hall, city walls or basilica. The city is also supplemented with elements… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Hotel Parasol (Poland)

Hotel Parasol is located in recreational area, with a direct access to lake side and park. The complex was lighted with – stylish lanterns KM5/03 with cast arms and luminaires LIBRA, street lamps NA38 and a beautiful handmade clock KXX/ZG1 and other elements of our small architecture. All products are made from high quality materials… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Castle Kliczków

We invite you to take a journey along a beautiful avenue, planted with limes trees and at the end of it you can find beautiful Neo-Renaissance “Kliczków Castle”. It was completely restored and was illuminated with our hanging lighting fixture (01 VERA) and wall mounted lighting fixture with beautiful arms made of  steel.  The outdoor… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Szczytna (Poland)

The city view has gained elegance image, and the fountain on Wolności Street that was illuminated by us brings residents and tourists as attraction. Walking through the streets of the city you can also see our wall mounted luminaires “NA10” and elements of small architecture such as: benches (LA4), pillars (S6), water pumps (Z04) and… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer -Polanica-Zdrój (Poland)

Polanica-Zdrój is a health resort town that is surrounded by forest, with a large Spa Park and walking routes for tourists. It is perfect place for hiking and biking tours. The town was lighted with our stylish lanterns using the Julia A2 luminaires. The lanterns emphasized the natural beauty of the city. We invite you… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Starogard Gdański (Poland)

Starogard Gdański is one of the oldest cities in north Poland. Our high street lanterns are on the side walks of city’s old town, the Town-hall and a complex of old mills buildings. The city also used elements of small architecture that is available in our product range like water fountains that perfectly match the… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Kościerzyna (Poland)

The city is located among beautiful lakes and is well communicated with the tri-city agglomeration. Kościerzyna is a perfect place to relax at any time of the year. Our stylized street lanterns perfectly fit into the architecture of the city. We have illuminated with our lanterns the neo-Baroque church, the neo-Gothic town hall and the… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Nowy Sącz (Poland)

Nowy Sącz is a very interesting city with a long history. It is located in the Lesser Poland voivodship at the foot of the Sądecki Beskids between the Dunajec River and the Kamienica Nawojowska. The city can show great monuments, and with use of our lighting we can highlight the nobility of these monuments. We… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Duszniki Zdrój (Poland)

Behind the mountains, behind the forests is a land lighted with our lanterns … Duszniki Zdroj is another place on the map of Poland, which used our product range to show the beauty of the city. The medieval layout of the main square with baroque and renaissance buildings is another example of our rich XXIth… Read more »

Art Metal Lighting Manufacturer – Kłodzko (Poland)

Thanks to the trip supported by our company, you will get to know the best corners of the city of Klodzko, that were illuminated with our products. The city is an ideal example of the richness designs from our range of products and used lighting solutions in this beautiful and diverse architectural city. The oldest… Read more »

Art Metal – Fiera Milano 2019 Rho (Milan) summary.

Euroluce – International Lighting Exhibition – the event held as part of the Salone del Mobile in Milan for many years. Our company was a participant of this project already for the eighth time. This project is unquestionably global, benchmark lighting show, which focuses on the technological innovation and the design culture. At our stand… Read more »

Art Metal & International Lighting Fair Euroluce in Milan

Already next week from 9 to 14 April our company takes part in the International Lighting Exhibition Euroluce in Milan. The Art Metal stand is located in Hall 15, Stand L 31 M 46.

The definition of beauty …

Beauty and functionality are the values appreciated literally all over the world. This is what consumers in the 21st century are looking for. Art Metal brand products are the answer to those needs. Almost each country has some signature products, which represents its nature. In terms of our country there is more than just one… Read more »

Art Metal at the Kamienica Theater in Warsaw

Polish industrial design is already known around the world in many sectors; from elegant shoe designs, to cars or interiors. We know how to carve in wood and steel, our ceramics and glassware are well valued. The ability to tame even the toughest materials and alloys, as well as the artistry in making of it… Read more »

Merry Christmas

Best wishes for Christmas and all the best in the New Year

LED source luminaries

We invite to check our offer of stylish classical and modern luminaries with LED source of light.


To meet customers’ requests for interior lighting we introduce our new group of products – CHANDELIERS. They are dedicated for big interior areas such as churches, palaces, castles, courts or banquet halls.

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