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Classic design and style in many varieties - a palace chandelier

Interior lighting requires a proper setting, that's why we offer a wide range of palace chandeliers with multi-element constructions for spacious interiors in temples, churches, castle halls and smaller chandeliers for wedding rooms or manor houses.

Palace chandeliers for churches and stylish mansions.

The church chandelier reflects of the climate of the old era. We try to preserve the style of classic constructions using richly decorated booms finished with decorative lanterns. We use chains to hang the palace chandeliers, which make it possible to adjust the length depending on the height of the room. We offer any colour of chandeliers with a patina or gilding finish.

Are you looking for a stylish chandelier for a historic building or a church? Visit us or call us and we will help you choose!

Category: Chandeliers, ZR type

*Prezentowane produkty mają charakter podglądowy, produkowane na indywidualne zamówienie.

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