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The definition of beauty …

Beauty and functionality are the values appreciated literally all over the world. This is what consumers in the 21st century are looking for. Art Metal brand products are the answer to those needs. Almost each country has some signature products, which represents its nature. In terms of our country there is more than just one flagship product. As in fact it turns out not only one but many Polish brands, from various industry sectors, are a successful on the international stage. What products are a national matter of pride then? Despite appearances, the world appreciates not only our food (mainly fruits, cheese and meat) but also PVC Windows, doors (both wood and made of plastics), trains, furniture, shoes and ceramics. Impact on this state of affairs has mainly the fact that Polish producers understand the need to reconcile beauty with functionality.

Fyodor Dostoevsky in one of his works, wrote that “beauty will save the world”. That quote, of course, should not be taken literally. According to Dostoyevsky’s “beauty” is expressed, inter alia, in the arts which until recently, has been associated mainly with music, painting or sculpture. Until recently, as now a days vast majority of people wishes to surround themselves with the beauty on every day basis. We strive to ensure that, both inside of our homes and outside i.e. in the public space, items that are characterized by a high level of functionality going hand in hand with good form, are being placed. It is no wonder that Polish manufacturers, in order to meet described requirements, reach out not only to the latest technology, but also to the fruits of nature. A brand that has mastered to perfection, difficult art of combining beauty with usability, is the Art Metal (

Art Metal from Lapino Kartuskie is a company different from the others. If you experience the atmosphere of this place, you will be aware of the fact, that each product manufactured here is an artwork of a highly qualified specialists. Specialists, who are at the same time passionate about their profession. People in love with their Kashubian’s homeland who appreciate the values of tradition, beauty or nature. This is where all those well-regarded following products are made:
High street lantern
Stylish XIXth century lanterns
Stylish lanterns
Modern lanterns
Garden lanterns
Wall lanterns
Small architecture
Street clocks

Products signed by Art Metal trademark, are present in a private, urban and public space for over 30 years. They light up the streets around the world and please eyes of Polish, European, Asian and African inhabitants.

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