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Street lighting – the market leader

The production of street lights has been our speciality for more than a quarter of a century, with our experience leading to the design and production of the street lights desired by customers and compliant with the standards, ensuring optimum illumination for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Street lights to make every street shine

Our street lights can emulate vintage, 19th century styling, and our designs can include multiple options for you to select street lights which are perfect for old market streets surrounded by richly decorated old townhouses or modern LED lamps which blend in perfectly with contemporary big-city architecture.

Our design and production processes follow the most stringent standards to assure you that by choosing any model from our range, you receive a street illumination solution in the best style.

Category: Street lights, type G

*Prezentowane produkty mają charakter podglądowy, produkowane na indywidualne zamówienie.

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