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Urban street furniture – manufactured by Art Metal

Our catalogue features a diverse selection of street furniture to aid development of organized streetscapes as well as to uniquely accentuate the specific style of the surroundings.

One element of our street furniture range involve street benches, essential items for pedestrians to stop and rest.

Is landscaping your business? Do you plan or directly build soft and hard landscaping? We can provide you with a rich and diverse selection of street furniture in a style that harmonizes with your vision.

Our range of street furniture includes park benches, litter bins, street posts, wiring distribution pedestals, low fences, standposts, vintage water pumps, information boards, signs, flag posts, floodlight posts, decorative vintage cannons and backlit outdoor clocks.

The street furniture products we provide blends in perfectly with every design. If you are designing and developing a park, a public building exterior or a garden, then you will find exactly what you need to get it done.

Category: Street furniture

*Prezentowane produkty mają charakter podglądowy, produkowane na indywidualne zamówienie.

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