Products: High street lamps, type D, DS, WK, DP

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A higher version of stylish poles and luminaires to illuminate all types of roads and inner-city areas. They are the most popular street lamps with high poles for street lighting.

The relatively simple design allows for a smooth selection of the height and span of the boom so as to obtain the best possible street lighting parameters. The arms are compatible with all types of street luminaires, including luminaires with LED light source. Booms can be placed at different heights, on opposite sides of the post, illuminating the road and pedestrians at the same time, thus increasing the safety of users after dark.

Thanks to the decorative base, the street lamps perfectly match street lighting, surrounded by beautiful, revitalized objects, increasing their attractiveness and emphasizing their beauty.

Category: High street lamps, type D, DS, WK, DP

*Prezentowane produkty mają charakter podglądowy, produkowane na indywidualne zamówienie.

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