Firma: Awards

The “Art Metal” company has been awarded with the following awards, prizes and distinctions for its production and goods:

Warsaw LIGHT 2015

  • Honorable mention for street luminary 27 SYNCHRO LED

Ostroda Public World 2014

  • "Best exhibition stand" Expo Arena

Warsaw LIGHT 2014

  • Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers Award in the competition on the Best Fair Product for stylish street luminaires ANTARES 23 and 24 NEXUS

Lublin ENERGETICS 2013

  • Fair Award in the category FORM OF PROMOTION

Poznań COMMUNITY 2013

  • Gold Medal of the International Fair for Stylish lanterns type K.

Kielce SACROEXPO 2013

  • Honorable mention for original and modern way of arranging the exhibition stand

Warsaw Light 2012

  • Jubilee Award

Torun, Conservation 2011

  • Honorable mention for the constant expansion of assortment and product design

Torun, Conservation 2010

  • the Grand Prix award for the permanent search for new forms adapted to the needs of the monuments

Torun, Conservation 2009

  • the Grand Prix award for styling and timeless appearance of the lanterns

Warsaw Light 2009

  • The first award for the lighting fixture 01 VERA / RX 100
  • II honorable mention in the Ministry of Economy for the best developing company in the SME sector in the lighting industry and electrical
  • honorable mention for the highest export growth

Warsaw 2008, Polish Academy of Success

  • Gold Medal for innovative designs and high quality of production

Warsaw LIGHT 2008 - Distinction

  • Ministry of Economy - in the category of up to 50 employees
  • Ministry of Economy for the highest export growth

Warsaw LIGHT 2008 - Award

  • second award ex aequo for the park lantern WL-3

Warsaw LIGHT 2007 - Award

  • The main award of the Minister of Economy

Warsaw 2006 - Honourable mention

  • In the competition organised by the Ministry of Economy and Labour for the best developing company in the SMEs sector
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