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Art Metal at the Kamienica Theater in Warsaw

Polish industrial design is already known around the world in many sectors; from elegant shoe designs, to cars or interiors. We know how to carve in wood and steel, our ceramics and glassware are well valued. The ability to tame even the toughest materials and alloys, as well as the artistry in making of it everyday, useful or remarkable items, cultivates more and more companies these days, both smaller and bigger. Those firms understand the importance of reconciliation functionality with aesthetics, and at the same time, take into account signals from Polish and world markets. Over the years, design has become the domain of artists-engineers, who understand that each embellishment of our landscape, improvement of work environment or home furnishings, must be closing in the triad; creator-material-user. Design as “art for art’s sake” – is already cultivated, in principle, in unconventional creativity, among bohemian commune or artists fully satisfied. We invite you to a journey to the place where the triad of commercial design embodies the passion and usefulness, with the respect for a nature and family tradition, where extraordinary things are made from aluminum, carbon and iron. Łapino Kartuskie – the capital of aluminum and cast iron design/light eldorado; among the Kashubian lakes and forests, with open and dedicated people; loved and rooted in their small homeland, from where following products are delivered to the whole world; ●hight street lanterns ●stylish XIXth centurylanterns● stylish lanterns ●modern lanterns ● garden lanterns● wall lanterns ● small architecture ● street clocks. For nearly 30 years, we place street furniture into private, urban and public space, both in Poland and abroad. Illuminating the darkness – our lanterns carry the light in Poland, Europe, Asia, Africa, streets with our lanterns are like the milky way, or a horizon with a thousand small full moons. We decorate thousands of streets in Poland and around the world.

Another address, where you can find our products is the Avenue of Solidarity in Warsaw. Right there, in a historic building of art and culture center Art Metal shines. Residential building with the theater inside is a monument, which dates back to 1910.
This building was damaged during World War II, however, after 1945 rebuilt up to the fourth floor. Our products fit perfectly in both historic spaces and modern apartments/ stylish estates. We meet all requirements, we work on the basis of the quality and environmental system; according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Our products have ENEC 21 certificate.

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